Advocate Medical Group

Advocate Medical Group

"AM Gene"

Treavor Doherty, senior producer
Stefanie Lyons, creative director
Kelly Hampton, art director

Dan Delpurgatorio, director
Vitamin, studio
Chicago Recording Company, sound design
Caleb Couch, composer

Vitamin's Dan Delpurgatorio examines a balsa wood storefront in the workshop.

When it came time to partner with an animation team for "A.M. Gene", we chose Vitamin's Dan Delpurgatorio. The Vitamin team constructed set pieces inspired by our designs and reference images, while fully realizing our cg characters digitally. It was all hands on deck in Vitamin's studio, with team members clipping flowers and greenery, sculpting waves and building paper mache landscapes. Balsa wood buildings were built and painted, photographed, then deconstructed in a digital environment so our village could assemble itself on-screen. The finished environments surpassed expectations, providing the perfect backdrop for our cg characters. 

"More Heart"

Paul Dektor, director
The Joinery, film production
Colonie, editorial

Treavor Doherty, senior producer
Kevin Houlihan, executive creative director
Brian Colbert, art director
Kevin Sheehan, copywriter

Director Paul Dektor lines up a shot.

"Healthiest Life"

Tyler Jay, director
Treavor Doherty, photographer
HY Connect, agency

Treavor Doherty, senior producer
Kevin Houlihan, executive creative director
Dan Vaneps, art director
Nicole Jahns, copywriter